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Young, Fun, and Online Dating

Young, Fun, and Online Dating Online dating – it’s not a new concept. By now, via the virtues of advertising and such, I think most of us are familiar with the dating sites (complete with their own little gimmick or kink) whether we’re using them or not. Recently there was a fairly entertaining account of [...]

Dating After A Break-Up

When you’ve broken up with someone, you can feel truly broken yourself. Feeling angry, depressed or alone is par for the course after a serious relationship but what about when you start to feel like dating again? How long is long enough after a break-up to get back out there? Here is some advice for [...]

Niche Markets a Big Part of Online Dating

Niche markets are claiming more and more of the $2.1 billion online dating industry business. So what’s driving online daters to these tailored sites? The answer is simple. They have the potential to give people what they are looking for relationship wise. For instance, the niche site Ashley Madison is a website for people looking [...]

The greatest love story of all time

The ‘great’ love stories are those which live on in literature and popular culture – Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin and Jasmine.  What about the real great love stories, the ones that don’t end in tragedy or happily ever after?  The ones where, at the end of the party, the music stops and [...]

How to Create Interest and Attraction When Approaching a Woman?

The art of asking a woman out on a date has been debated, tested and refined for thousands of years. And yet, despite having access to all of that knowledge and wisdom, men still panic when it’s time to approach the object of their affections. They begin searching for little tricks that are guaranteed to [...]

The first cut is the deepest

There are 5 words I hate.  “What are we doing here?” or its closely related cousin, “What do you want from me?” They put all the pressure on me to make the decision.  And make me want to respond in my sassiest tone, “If you don’t know, how can I answer that definitively?!  ‘We’ applies [...]

Dating survival skills

My experiences of this minefield known as dating have given me some pretty good insights into myself, men, and how the game has changed since our parents got together. In as much as I like to respect individuality and give men a chance, there are – in the experience of me and my friends – [...]

The lament of the sleep-deprived dater

I’m a cheerful person.  Part of my ‘thing’ is to bring smiles, laughter and happiness to others.  I like to be positive when it comes to most stuff.  But I’m pretty cynical and jaded in a relationship sense, and I want to be honest.  So here it is – dating is too much effort, too [...]

Caught by a Catfish

Online dating. I must admit, I’ve never done it. It’s all a big mystery to me, and maybe that’s why the latest TV import from the US is baffling me even more. “Catfish” is a TV show that follows various couples who have met online and been in relationships for a few weeks or months, or [...]

Tales of Horror from the Dating Front Line

Halloween is all about horror and fear, ghosts, witches, vampires and according to the Sun; Katie Price wearing small pieces of PVC that vaguely resemble an official uniform. But here at LoveScene, and in my lively imagination, Halloween is all about that classic brand of fireside tale; the dating horror story.   Here I have [...]

Girl On The Platform Smiled…

Realistically have you ever seen a man or a woman approach another man or a woman and introduce themselves and ask for a date? Other than in chick flicks, I haven’t. Imagine what the world would be like if men and women were straight to the point about dating. The problem is, we ask ourselves [...]

Sickness Does Not A Burgeoning Relationship Nurture

It’s been a little while but I’m back again. Actually several months, but who’s counting.  I’m certainly not.  I was utterly thrown into emergency-stop mode by a horrendous illness that confined me to my mum’s house for a substantial period of recuperation.   It surprised me how long it took to get used to life [...]

Give Magic A Helping Hand

Ah, l’amour. That holiest of holy grails, the temple into which we seek admission. The state of being which theoretically transcends all and casts a benevolent glow over the universe. Magic carpets, genies and lamps, a rose in a glass jar, dancing teacups, soft shagpile carpets and a crackling country open log fire.  All is [...]

Employment, Romance, And The First-Date Questions You’d Really Love To Ask

Employment prudence demands a dash of realism as well as dreams.  In the current and likely future economic climate (cheers George) chasing your dream job is admirable, but you need to earn enough to live.  Thus we are advised not to just quit your job.  Do your dream role voluntarily in your free time, do [...]

Pigging Out On Data

Happy Easter all, I hope your extended weekend was as religious / chocolate-y as you hoped it would be.  Given that Easter weekend is synonymous with overindulgence and gluttony, I find myself reflecting on the fact that not only are we a nation of over eaters in the traditional sense, we are also overstuffed with… [...]

Hope, happiness and self-belief… at the click of a mouse

Joining via week subscription to an iPhone app has made me reconsider online dating. The people on there are very different to my first site – a much wider range of people. It’s made me think quite a bit about the whole process.   Maybe online dating isn’t just about the other person. Maybe it’s about [...]

Perseverance Is The Best Motto

To get anywhere in life, you have to try. And if at first you don’t succeed, become more stubborn, determined, grit your teeth and keep going.   I don’t feel like I’ve made a connection with anyone in a while through online dating.  But I can’t help but wonder, do I really want a boyfriend [...]

With my girls, gays and guys in my life… how do I make time for a man?

My calm, cool demeanour, tough shell and ability to remain focused yet approachable under fire is one of the things I pride myself on.  I am a natural-born leader, always willing to think of others and consider all the possible outcomes from any particular course of action.  I appear unflappable, confident and in control.  But [...]

The Internet Dating Experiment

It is safe to say that my single life has been constantly punctuated by instances of frustration and confusion. Like many girls I know gathering dust on the shelf, I’m quite inclined to think that I’m actually quite a catch. None of this ‘why, God, WHY??’ thanks very much. I know so many intelligent, ambitious, [...]

Me, Myself and Him

Anyone who has read my author bio on the site will know that I’ve managed to fit quite a lot of life into my short 28 years. Without wanting to put too finer point on the negatives, there have been a fair few low moments for one so young and inexperienced, however, my love of [...]