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For ‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans

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The 5 Most Annoying Shop Assistants

Following reports that people still prefer to shop in physical stores, rather than online – I was immediately inspired to share why I feel exactly the opposite. And the main culprit? Shop assistants.   The stalking shop assistant You will often notice this type of shop assistant firstly from your peripheral vision, keeping a watchful [...]

Feeling Nostalgic?

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Lost In Topshop Translation

It’s fifteen degrees outside and it’s the middle of winter. As if living in New Zealand wasn’t good already, my friend recently informed me there is a Topshop just ten minutes down the road. Why would one ever want to leave such a place!?   Said friend has a car so one, fine Saturday (did [...]

A New Way To Shop

When online shopping first reared its tempting head, the cynical among us said it would never work. “We won’t be able to try it on! How will we know if it fits?”  Fast forward ten years and the first online designer boutique, net-a-porter sells its success for over 50 million. So it seems unsurprising that [...]


When does online shopping mean everything to gain and nothing to lose?  When the online store creates an easy, hassle-free, safe way to browse, buy and return all of its items.  Thank you, Zalando.   Entering the UK market recently, Zalando has already made its mark with its effective TV advertising campaign.  Upon seeing the [...]

Pretty Woman

Last week I had what I can only sarcastically describe as the best shopping experience I have ever had. This particular incident occurred in a well known department store, one of which will remain nameless but will quite possibly be easily guessed. Having browsed for quite a considerable amount of time, I found myself, naturally, [...]

Fashion Traumas

They say the international growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in an increase of online shopping. In reality it’s not that at all, it’s actually because real-life shopping has become such a wholly traumatic experience, no one dares do it any more.   I even find approaching the changing room an ordeal because intimidating shop [...]

Dressing on a Budget

When it comes to dressing with an edge we all want to be on the pulse of fashion, but sometimes those designer clothes that we see advertised on the catwalks and in the magazines can seem simply beyond our means. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank balance when it [...]

Buckle Up

I have completely worn out my pair of brown buckled leather ankle boots from last winter and since the sun appears to have gone for another year, I hate to admit it but I’m already hunting for new distinctive winter boots and cosy jumpers. Consequently I have fallen in love with the Autumn/Winter footwear collections [...]

Abercrombie & Fitch – Is The Shopping Experience As Important As The Shopping?

It’s 4pm on a cold Thursday afternoon and clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch on Fifth Avenue, New York City, is pandemonium.  To the innocent passer-by, the store could be mistaken for a nightclub.  Customers are expected to queue to get into the store and a long line of chattering, cold shoppers has already snaked around [...]

Online Shopping Boom

I have a shameful confession, something that my fashion loving friends would be shocked by. OK…of all the amazing shopping I have enjoyed I have never, ever, bought clothes online. There, I said it. My confession is even more shocking when you consider figures of last month’s internet shopping  sales rose by 21% on last [...]