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Russell Brand Spotted With ‘New Girlfriend’

Russell Brand has only just signed his divorce papers, yet the rumour mill has already started to turn as speculation around a new girlfriend grows.   The English comedian was spotted and snapped out with Oriela Medellin shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend and the two were photographed as they headed to a shop [...]

The Oscar Nominee’s Are…

Hollywood has been buzzing today with announcement of those nominated for the most prestigious prize in Hollywood.   The Oscar’s are the highlight of the awards season, which has already been kicked off with the Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards, which gave us a clear indication of who was likely to be nominated- but [...]

Cameron Diaz And P Diddy, Dating?

Really!? This is just a rumour (yet!) but it quite possibly could be true… imagine Cameron Diaz and Diddy himself, dating. Weird.   The rumours have been flying around since the beautiful blonde, Cameron Diaz was spotted on a string of dinner dates with the very famous rapper P Diddy (or Sean Combs by his [...]