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Royal Baby Mania!

July the 22nd 2013 was a momentous day for all of us Brits, and the rest of the world. Why? Because Kate Middleton gave birth of course! The evening of this long awaited day saw the rapidly rising impatience of the last week diffuse along with the heavy storms that diffused the heat wave and [...]

Kate Middleton Innocent?

So much drama about the latest bit of nudity from the suddenly not so conservative royal family.  With every man and his dog coming out to defend Kate Middleton, what we’ve heard less of is, was it a PR move?   Well, let’s look at this realistically.  You don’t, as the future queen, go topless [...]

Who’s Your Favourite Celebrity Couple Right Now?

When it comes to celebville, two celebrities joining forces brings the ultimate power, two big stars make for one huge star status.  Some come and go, others seem to make it through… well, at lest more than a year, which is pretty good going for them.  Some celebrity couples are just so cringe-worthy that they’ve [...]

Canada Kate

William and Kate had been married barely a month before it was time to undertake their first official foreign tour of duty as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Heading first to Canada and then on to L.A for a couple of days, it was clear from the offset that most of the attention would [...]

William And Kate To Host L.A. Party

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due in Tinsletown this Friday as part of their Royal tour. Top Hollywood celebrities are said to be desperate to wrangle an invite to a special BAFTA event being held by the couple this Saturday.   The Royal couple are hosting the ‘Brits To Watch’ event at the [...]

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s New Residence

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, had earlier this year assumed they would make Princess Margaret’s previous home at Kensington Palace their home in the capital.  They were excited about the prospect because of it’s spacious airy layout.  However, it would now appear that they are to move into a different [...]

State Style

Already dubbed as a style icon, Michelle Obama kept the stakes high on her just completed visit to Britain; accompanying husband Barack on his first state visit. Stepping off the plane in Stanstead wearing a befitting Preen royal blue two piece before departing for Buckingham Palace, her hotel for the duration of her stay, Michelle [...]

Royal Wedding Fashion Hits and Misses

So the royal wedding is over and it is time to run commentary over the fashion hits and misses of the day.   It’s only right that we comment on the head of the family first.  Her majesty, bless her, looked so bright and cute in her yellow outfit.  Very appropriate for the season and [...]

More Than Just A Dress: History Of The Royal Wedding Dresses!

After months of waiting, the most anticipated wedding of the year is almost upon us. Come Friday all eyes will be on Kate Middleton as she prepares to marry the future King of England.   For the vast majority of us it is chance to finally lay eyes on her wedding dress. Ever since her [...]

Royal Wedding Video

It seems the world has gone Royal Wedding crazy.  So much so that we cannot even wait for Prince William and Kate Middleton to actually get married next week.  This alternate Royal Wedding is a must see…  

Mother & the Bride

I wrote an article last month about my initial foray into the world of maternity wear as I am expecting a baby in September. Fortunately I was contacted by some lovely industry people who know more about fashion with a bump than I do about breathing exercises and stretch marks and so with fresh eyes, [...]

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Fairy Tale Endings

The Royal Wedding is almost here and whilst the dress designer is still a secret, so too is the pre-nup.