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Toxic Relations

We have either been in a bad relationship or have known of others who have. A toxic relationship leaves most unhappy and feeling as though the world is on their shoulders. Most, probably all, relationships will go through bad patches and it is more than likely couples will argue. However, these arguments should not leave [...]

Rough Guide to Singledom for the Newly Single

Are you recently single? I am. Isn’t it just the best feeling? No. Not really. I’m in that time that everyone has in their life – that limbo period where you are stuck between wanting that person back and wanting everything to go away so you can be happy again. But being in this very confusing, up-and-down period [...]

Sneaky Ways to Turn Him On

Have you heard that men supposedly have around 8,000 sexual thoughts a day? This frequently repeated statistic might leave you confused and worried when your man says “no” to sex. When he declines sex or if he doesn’t seem very excited or present when you two make love, your mind might start churning with thoughts like… Do [...]

The Silent Argument

Your boyfriend’s pissed you off? Did he do something totally inappropriate that he should’ve known wasn’t ok, but he done it anyway? Like tell you that your new hairstyle makes you look like Ringo Starr? Or did he stare blatantly down your gran’s Christmas jumper for a good long horror-filled (on your part) minute? He didn’t [...]

Advice versus Judgement

It was Saturday night and the game of beer pong was in full force. The shots had turned into triples, the glasses grew into pints. Alcohol affects everyone in different ways, yet unfortunately for my drinking opponent one too many drinks makes me feel wise, and obnoxious, beyond my years. I was being told about [...]

Be Brave: Let Yourself Like Someone!

If there is one thing that I have learnt from my turbulent dating life, it’s that as one romantic door gets slammed in your face by the person you love, someone you could love will open a window for you.   A couple of months ago my Big Love not only slammed the door in [...]

Hey! Where’s the Fire?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how desperate a lot of women seem to be lately? Desperate to get a boyfriend to take them out and to love them. Desperate to find a man as good as (or preferably better than) their ex who broke their heart. Desperate to catch a man [...]

Relationship Advice In The Modern Day

There was a time when people would keep things very tight to their chest.  They wouldn’t talk about their relationship problems to others very readily, let alone publish articles or comments on social media about them.  What happened, what changed?  We changed.  The internet changed us, the media changed us, and we fed the sources [...]

Hitched & Ditched: The Relationship Blog With A Difference

Here at LoveScene we come across many sex & relationship blogs on a daily basis; everything from celebrity hook ups to outrageous sex tips, but one blog which has caught our eye for all the right reasons is Hitched & Ditched. This quirky new blog looks at all things love and lust, from a married [...]

Accepting The Relationship Rut

The biggest problem about living 50-metres away from a bar, is that, similar to a moth to a flame, my boyfriend is attracted to the scent of a beer keg.  He finishes work at midnight, rolls into the bar for 1am, stumbles out at three and wakes me up five minutes later with a burp. [...]

Chancing Change

It’s a familiar feeling; letting go. That favourite pair of trousers that you know you will never wear again for fear of everyone thinking that you are living in a world without mirrors, but that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw out in case one day they do actually become fashionable again. We all [...]


Gaining respect in a relationship is a must. It concludes how your partner will treat you and more importantly, how you feel about yourself.   Ultimately, a partner cannot truly love you if they do not respect you, thus you cannot truly love yourself if you let another person disrespect you.   In order to [...]

Can A Relationship Be In The Red?

If A-Level Psychology taught me anything it’s that relationships function on a system of input and output (or a balance system, to use the right term!) and it is when that system becomes disturbed that problems will arise in the relationship. A simple explanation that seems to make perfect sense.   The one thing that [...]

When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

I greatly insulted my boyfriend yesterday. Rightly so I suspect. It was Facebook yet again, which may be one of the 21st century’s most evil inventions; turning women across the globe into crazed, photo-obsessed stalker-holics.   It was mid-stalk that an image of my ex-boyfriend popped up with a new girl in his profile picture. A [...]

The Only Way Isn’t Essex – Or Your Ex

I never thought I’d say this, but I really feel for Lauren Goodger. Having watched the first two seasons of TOWIE, I wasn’t a fan. I know it’s all in the editing, but she really struck me as an insecure selfish bitch. I thought she just needed to get over her ex and stop saying [...]

Perfection Lost

When it came to the opposite sex I always thought that I had to appear perfect, make-up done immaculately, hair brushed without a strand out of place and teeth always gleaming. Little did I realise it was when I thought I was not perfect that I would actually be at my most, well, perfect.   [...]

Should We Change To Suit Our Man?

Oh, for those moments of weightlessness, as we drift through life on a high of magical euphoria. The reckless abandon and tender kisses shared over the dinner table. The beginning stages of lust. We caress each moment until we squeeze them so hard they slip from our grasp and slide away. Who could blame a [...]

Slapping Labels On Each Other

When you’re “seeing someone” the great debate that will pop up, 9 times out of 10, is whether you are “boyfriend and girlfriend” – this debate can be a tricky one and can have side-effects such as: hurt feelings, clinginess and maybe even a “run away!” response from one of you, but sooner or later [...]

Friendly Relationship Advice

There’s plenty of good relationship advice out there, well known clichés that are the sound track to go alongside that bottle of wine to ease the heartache. I recently text a medley of these gems to friend who was in need of some soothing – ‘He was never good enough for you’, ‘There’s plenty more [...]