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Rihanna would be a terrible guidance counsellor

She may be beautiful (like a diamond in the sky – or what ever that means) but Rihanna is definitely not the doe-eyed figure of innocence that once invited a ghostly silence of remorse any time someone shook a fist in her face. After the very public beating Rihanna endured after that infamous night, everybody [...]

An Almost Great British Success Story

My Dr Martens are probably the longest lasting, certainly the most durable items in my wardrobe. And looking at the brands soaring sales figures, it seems I’m not the only devotee. ASOS has reported a 230 per cent rise in sales from 2011-2012, numbers in line with equally booming sales figures in France, the US [...]

Bikes are better than sex, you say?

I wonder how many men would’ve seriously watched Titanic had Kate Winslet not been sprawled, breasts flopping everywhere, wearing only that necklace, or how well-known Megan Fox would be now had she not been all arse and kumquats in the first Transformers film. Chances are their franchises wouldn’t have been half as profitable, were it [...]

Rihanna Sparks Health Concerns

Rihanna has prompted concerns among her fans today after posting a photograph of an IV drip attached to her arm.   The Where Have You Been singer posted the snap to her personal Twitter account last night (Tuesday 8th) just days after tweeting that she was feeling under the weather, she wrote:   “F*** being [...]

Rihanna Looking Good Again

Rihanna’s been looking great again!  Spotted at the Battleship premiere in Australia wearing a back jumpsuit with red lips, she looked every bit the fashionista. In fact, going back to black/dark hair is a great decision. For some time we’ve been wondering when she would go back to her original cool looks that never seemed too [...]

Bold Prints For Summer Holidays

There is a lot of print around this season, from delicate, barely-there prints to bold in your face designs. Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Rihanna have really rocked this look recently but if it’s not your style to be quite so brash, you can infuse your outfits with as little print as you desire. [...]

The Tale of The Arrogant Hashtag

I don’t know, is it wrong for me to stop caring about the mass majority of celebrities? Maybe it’s something in the water, or something I ate last night. But really, my caring has literally diminished to the point of me being more concerned about my window-cleaner and his filthy tea-bag-looking fingernails than indulging myself [...]

Rihanna Deja Vu

So it turns out that Rihanna is bored of being single and is desperate to land herself a man.  Perhaps if she appeared more approachable rather than arrogant she would stand a better chance.  I do wonder how many people see her utterly arrogant side.  You often see her on the red carpet with her [...]

Rihanna’s New TV Venture

Rihanna has been signed by Sky Living to produce her own TV fashion talent show in the UK.   The umbrella hit maker handpicked fellow singer and fashionista Nicola Roberts to help front the new show.   The pair will search the country in a bid to find the next generation of undiscovered design talent. The [...]

Rihanna Gets New Inking

Rihanna’s one of those women that’s well known for her inkings and there’s not many women that can pull off that many tattoos so well. I’ve always been a fan of her small, delicate and pretty tattoos and like how they all seem to be placed on her body in places that are visible but [...]

Is Rihanna Back With Chris Brown?

If rumours are to be believed, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together…   Speculation has been growing for a while now around the reunion of superstars Rihanna, 23 and Chris Brown, 22 and Rihanna’s latest tweets have only added fuel to the fire.   A source recently told Us Weekly magazine that Chris and [...]

Rihanna Caught Smoking Cannabis on Holiday

The Bajan beauty and pop princess Rihanna was photographed earlier this week on holiday in Hawaii enjoying a ‘high’ that perhaps the sun, sea and sand could not quite provide in the same way.  Having taken some much needed time off after her gruelling tour, Rihanna tweeted:  ‘kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better [...]

Let’s Talk Aztec!

My favourite trend of the season (in fact the whole year!) is by far Aztec.   The print and style originating from Mexico has inspired designers and collections all over the world this summer and the trend hasn’t stopped there, it’s continued on to be a very important and popular trend of autumn/winter 2011 and [...]

Little Mix – Relateable not Racey

  So the latest X Factor is over.  No more listening to Tulisa trying to wing it with her feedback and no more Gary Barlow comments aimed at Louis Walsh where he has the guts to say what everyone is thinking.  If it wasn’t for Gary Barlow the show would have pulled in worse ratings [...]

Rihanna’s In Trouble AGAIN!

Naughty, naughty, naughty, Rihanna is in trouble AGAIN!   The 23 year-old Barbados babe is yet again shocking the UK with her sexy and naughty stage antics, but are we really suprised?   The sexy singer stunned the studio audience of the X Factor in her performance on last nights results show after wearing, let’s [...]

The MOBOs: Oh So Cool

The annual MOBO Awards is the biggest night on the urban music calendar and last night they were held in Glasgow for the first time. It is perhaps the coolest trophy an artist can be honoured with and the glitterati who adorned the red carpet proved exactly why. Celebs didn’t let the prestigious event down [...]

Rihanna Given The Boot By Irish Farmer

It sounds like a joke, but I can assure you it’s nothing but the truth! The Barbados bombshell, adored by millions and used to having an entourage of people do exactly as she says has actually been told off… by an irish farmer!   The superstar was filming the music video for her latest single [...]

Freaky Fruit

Eating our 5-a-day fruit portions is never going to be dull again! Summer’s big look this year is based on citrus colours of lemon and lime, as well as fruity prints and designs. The banana, apple, cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon and lime trend is engulfing everything from jewellery to dresses, playsuits, bags and shoes.   [...]

Breton Stripes

Stripes are taking over this summer! They are engulfing everything from dresses, skirts and shirts to handbags and shoes, even belts. They are appearing as primary colours of green and blue mixed with white or as pink and red with inputs of black.   It is a far cry away from the striped black and [...]

Rihanna’s New Do

Barbados babe Rihanna is one of many celebrities that love to regularly  shake up their image and by this, of course, I mean their hair. From luscious long flowing locks, to short, spiky and wild looking hair, Rhi’s done  it all. We thought she couldn’t top the daring black ‘rock chick’ look until she  revealed her [...]