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It’s perfectly okay for you to be single, I promise.

This is an issue that I’m facing a lot lately, which is why after a long hiatus from writing for this wonderful website, I just felt that I had to return to my relationship rants to ask if any other women are being asked this question a little more often that they’d like: Oh, why [...]


Recently I was passing my lunch break by flicking through articles on an online newspaper site (but only because I had read everything on LoveScene, obviously). I came across an article about three women who put their husbands’ skills to the test by allowing them to pack their wives holiday suitcases. Unsurprisingly, the men failed [...]

Should Couples Date

When you are single a date always comprises of the same key ingredients. There is flirting, new outfits, expectations, a few cocktails and a bucket of firsts, such as first kisses and the first time you tell them the only joke you know. Although single girl dates usually come with a side effect of nerves, [...]

No Compromises

Some people just know what they want out of life, the house, dog and 2.4 children with a steady 9-5 to support it all.   When you first start out in a relationship, it’s all hearts and roses; you peacefully coexist and mesh together in a whirlwind of romance. Getting to know each other can [...]

Pretty People Destined To Be Alone?

Watching a documentary the other day about body image and how people, in particular women, are pressured to be beautiful, got me thinking… are pretty people destined to be alone?   I know that sounds quite bizarre as at first glance you would think, generally speaking, good looking people would be of the first to [...]

Tales of Missed Encounters

Am I the only one tickled by the idea of missed encounter adverts? The premise is that you write in either to a newspaper or a website and describe someone you met on public transport but didn’t have the guts to talk to, in hopes that they too will then see it and recognise themselves [...]

Dreading Weddings

It’s always difficult to feel the magic of Christmas ebb away each year. It’s an almighty killjoy of a sensation that puts me in a thoroughly grumpy mood for January. As the new year came in I looked down at my protruding food-stuffed tummy and groaned about the hassle of having to cram all of [...]

The One That Got Away

Call me naïve, but I genuinely believed that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were the real deal. Perhaps I was living in a ‘teenage dream’ world, but there were definite fireworks between the two of them and it seemed Rusty Rockets only wanted to kiss one girl for the rest of his life and liked [...]

Stolen Glances: The Tentative Business of ‘Hi’

Social etiquette is a total romance killer. Every day, millions of people pass millions more in the street. In true ‘Sliding Doors‘ style, just think of all of those ‘what if’ moments that lived for but a few seconds between each pairing of locked eyes. You know when it happens. One minute you’ll be trying [...]

Cameron Diaz And P Diddy, Dating?

Really!? This is just a rumour (yet!) but it quite possibly could be true… imagine Cameron Diaz and Diddy himself, dating. Weird.   The rumours have been flying around since the beautiful blonde, Cameron Diaz was spotted on a string of dinner dates with the very famous rapper P Diddy (or Sean Combs by his [...]

The Gentleman and The Lady

I am in love with old fashioned romance! The days where men use to open doors for women, surprise them with flowers and chocolates and make an effort to connect intellectually.   I cannot help but feel that many women are lacking the gentleman, the man who would go to any lengths in order to [...]

Happily Ever After?

Everybody loves a happy ending, especially me. When I’m feeling a little blue there’s nothing better than shutting out the rest of the world and watching one of my favourite Rom-Coms.   We all have our favourites, the ones we can watch over and over again; still keeping us hooked throughout and inevitably making us [...]

Romantic Holidays in Turkey

Full of incredible scenery, culture and cuisine, Turkey is a wonderful choice for couples wanting to get away from it all.  Away from the tour buses and parties the country makes for a wonderful romantic getaway. With so many travel agents and tour operators offering cheap holidays to Benidorm, sorry Bodrum, one can be forgiven [...]