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What If You Couldn’t Hold Hands in Public?

Ok, set the scene. You’re out at a coffee shop, having a catch up with your friend when a guy walks past. It’s like a scene from a movie; everything goes slow motion, he turns towards you and your eyes catch. He smiles with one corner of his mouth before looking away. He carries his [...]

What About These Dark-Grey Men?

Whether it’s the Edward Cullen of the twilight saga or Mr. Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series, there is something mystic about these dark men.  From cinema to literature and fantasy to daily life- they simply rule. You can’t beat their charm and you can’t get them out of your head. Here’s an attempt [...]

The Ex-Factor

‘Never date a friend’s ex’ is quite possibly one of the biggest relationship rules going. It is an unwritten rule that we expect should go without saying; even though they no-longer date your friend that does not mean that it is acceptable for you to date them yourself.   However, I have recently been presented [...]

THE SINGLE BED: Scared to walk up the aisle (the dairy one.)

I may never drink my beloved Ribena again; you see I am hiding from the security guard at Tesco. As most of you don’t know me that well, I must point out that it’s not because I have stolen anything, unless you count his heart, that is. Several months ago I found myself being greeted [...]

Love Squared

My question, in this most over-due article, is can some (be them man, woman, pet, plant or trifle) love more than one person at a time? As ever I will raise all the issues and/or facts that fit the given situation (or the ones my brain can muster) and thus logically coming to a, somewhat, [...]