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So I will be the first to admit that as soon as the weather turns cold I have no motivation to do anything. Normal clothes feel heavy on my back, so obviously I should wear nothing except pyjamas when I am at home. Housework is clearly a summer chore, and who wants to face the [...]

Snowed In – Relationship Friend or Foe?

What’s that song that makes snow sound so delightful? “oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  How about snow go and take a running jump! It sounds odd to say the weather can affect [...]

Bedroom Blues

  I don’t know about you but to me a bed is a sacred place. When I am sad or upset it acts as a place of comfort, when I am shivering it gives me warmth and when I want to have a lazy Sunday it doesn’t judge me for the number of biscuits I [...]

I must not belong in Venus…

Ok, so I am a little out of my depth here… Well, a lot out of depth. I do not usually do this. I am usually a-writing-about-fashion-kind-o’-girl. You know the type; descriptions of material, the way it falls, what will go with it, etc. I do not write about dating or relationships. This is probably [...]

The Truth About Internet Histories

This morning I decided that instead of lying in bed wishing I was asleep, I would actually get up and do some work, so I hauled my bed head over to my boyfriend’s laptop. When suddenly what had been a snoring bump under the duvet turned into a running boyfriend who lunged across the room, [...]

All I want for Christmas is….

A mind-blowing orgasm. Sorry Mariah, it’s nothing personal.  Honestly. I love love love this time of year.  The air is so cool you can practically drink it. The bright sunshine contrasted against the deep blue sky highlights the beauty of the changing colours. The nights draw in, and the smell of autumn dominates, covering the London [...]

Hand Luggage Only, Sir, Or Emotional Baggage As Well?

Summer has arrived – it’s official.  The weather is finally decent enough that I can pull my dusty sandals from the back of the wardrobe (aka the other side of Narnia) and dance around London replicating Maria from Sound of Music. Well, not literally; I’d get arrested for not having a street performance licence. But sun [...]

Bring on the bunting – and the bondage

Love, liberty and libation.  Three things us Brits adore. And what better excuse to combine all three than a massive party in London?   (The weather sucked, but hey that’s traditional too.)   Belated ‘Congratulations’ ma’am’.  60 years of devotion to her country.  Her Majesty’s recent Diamond Jubilee had me enjoying strawberries, celebrating the extra [...]

A Plethora Of Options = Indecisive

  Or perhaps the title should be, are white socks enough of a reason not to see someone again?   Too many options means decisions are difficult. It’s too easy to bin someone for the smallest things as you imagine better is around the corner. I should probably explain the reasoning behind my milk-churned thoughts [...]

The Only Way Isn’t Essex – Or Your Ex

I never thought I’d say this, but I really feel for Lauren Goodger. Having watched the first two seasons of TOWIE, I wasn’t a fan. I know it’s all in the editing, but she really struck me as an insecure selfish bitch. I thought she just needed to get over her ex and stop saying [...]


So, you’re eating a cake, a good cake, and someone tells you it’s high in fat and sugar and, unfortunately, is very bad for you. Understandable, surely? Everyone knows the word ‘cake’ alone connotes lip-smacking fret and worry twenty seconds after cleaning your lips, whilst reaching for the second slice. And this is effectively the [...]

Is The Secret To Great Sex, Great Friendship?

So recently a girlfriend and I were having a discussion about what happens when people cross the relationship boundary with someone who’s always been “just a friend”. It seems there are mixed reviews and ideas about this dating strategy so I enlisted the help of some of my best and closest gal pals to enlighten [...]

Sex with the Ex!

Splitting up with someone is hard, our emotions are all over the place, and we just want to hide in our beds and come back out when the pain is gone, only that’s not how things work, so we go out and get drunk instead, and all too often we manage to take our ex [...]

Casual Relationships: Not for all, but not to be judged

Casual relationships are often things that are frowned upon, but why? Because others wish they could be that liberal, or actually because people are just… well…. stuck up! Relationships are not things that everyone likes, or wants at this present moment in their life, but fun and excitement is, and if that means a casual [...]

Help! I’ve lost my mojo

Don’t get me wrong: I was born flirting. I’ll hold my hands up and say  that I do love it when I think  I have the power to wrap a man around my little finger’.  I’ll agree I hold my heart out and the chosen one often gets tangled up in my mind,  and text [...]