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How to be a Savvy Sale Shopper…

The sale season is well and truly here. It’s what we have been waiting for all year round. This is where we can get that gorgeous Zara coat; we’ve had our eye on for the past few months and for a fraction of the price. More importantly, since January is all about new starts, now [...]

Ode to Primark

“Why are people queuing outside Primark?” I asked a friend during a Sunday shopping trip a few weeks ago. Is something happening? A new collection? Is the ultimate Christmas jumper being unveiled? No, they were just queuing. Tourists and locals alike. Taking pictures outside those renowned flagship doors.  The ‘bargain’ shop now internationally famous thanks [...]

The 5 Most Annoying Shop Assistants

Following reports that people still prefer to shop in physical stores, rather than online – I was immediately inspired to share why I feel exactly the opposite. And the main culprit? Shop assistants.   The stalking shop assistant You will often notice this type of shop assistant firstly from your peripheral vision, keeping a watchful [...]

Lost In Topshop Translation

It’s fifteen degrees outside and it’s the middle of winter. As if living in New Zealand wasn’t good already, my friend recently informed me there is a Topshop just ten minutes down the road. Why would one ever want to leave such a place!?   Said friend has a car so one, fine Saturday (did [...]

Breast Foot Forward

According to a recent poll 90% of women are still wearing the wrong bra size. That’s a lot of women rocking double boob, side boob and God knows what else boob! So, armed with that knowledge, I booked my first ever ‘professional’ bra fitting with eagerness and anticipation. Had I been wearing a 32C when I [...]

Sales, Sales and More Sales?

You may have noticed something recently if you’ve been anywhere near a high street, shopping centre of perhaps online. Discounts galore are upon us. Sad to say a large percentage of my email inbox consists of discount codes, offers and deals from well known high street retailers all hoping to entice we the humble customer, into spending our [...]

Primark To Set Up Shop In Selfridges

Primark, or ‘Pri-marni’ as known by most is set to open up a 1,000 sq ft concession in two Selfridge stores in both Manchester and Birmingham. The idea – to attract bargain-hunting shoppers to Selfridges, the high end department store.   The deal will see Primark selling a collection of clothing in Selfridge stores in [...]

Top 5 Fashion Investments

These are must have items you needed in your wardrobe. Serving as timeless treasures that can go with everything, here are the top five fashion investments that never go out of style.   1)    Little Black Dress Immortalised forever by icon Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been used and recreated by an endless list of [...]

The Wonderful World of ‘Handbags’

“WHY is it that as soon as something sells out it becomes even more desirable?” – Lauren Milligan.   This statement sums up handbags in its entirety along with many people’s desires towards them. Known as the greatest accessory of all time, handbags don’t just mean a lot to us fashionistas but hold a special [...]

Pretty Woman

Last week I had what I can only sarcastically describe as the best shopping experience I have ever had. This particular incident occurred in a well known department store, one of which will remain nameless but will quite possibly be easily guessed. Having browsed for quite a considerable amount of time, I found myself, naturally, [...]

The Investment Piece

Investment pieces, clothing staples, capsule wardrobes. We have all heard these terms banded about. So what are these “timeless essentials” and are they really worth saving for? A wardrobe essential, in essence, is an item of clothing that is purposely bought with the intention of wearing and re-wearing for the foreseeable future. Its intent is [...]

Fashion Traumas

They say the international growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in an increase of online shopping. In reality it’s not that at all, it’s actually because real-life shopping has become such a wholly traumatic experience, no one dares do it any more.   I even find approaching the changing room an ordeal because intimidating shop [...]

Abercrombie & Fitch – Is The Shopping Experience As Important As The Shopping?

It’s 4pm on a cold Thursday afternoon and clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch on Fifth Avenue, New York City, is pandemonium.  To the innocent passer-by, the store could be mistaken for a nightclub.  Customers are expected to queue to get into the store and a long line of chattering, cold shoppers has already snaked around [...]

Confessions of a Shopping Addict

This month I may have gone a little wild with spending (I say this whilst looking down into my empty purse) I forgot that I would actually have to feed myself, so instead of being able to afford my usual lunch at work, it is a homemade pasta salad!   I must have bought six [...]


It’s that time again, where we separate from our cash in exchange for gifts for loved ones. Year after year, almost like tradition, shopping becomes a mayhem days before Christmas day. But is it me or is everyone riveting on about what they want their girlfriend or boyfriend to get them this Xmas? Now I [...]

January Sales Shopping Tips

Just when you thought you had recovered from the madness of Christmas, it’s time to brace yourselves for the January sales. Every year we push our way through the crowds, and trawl endless rails of unorganised garments, only to come home with inevitably, things we don’t need! So here are some handy tips to get [...]

Amazing Shoes

I eye up the height, the colour, how it will feel…I am talking about shoes! Yes, I am shoe crazy, I think and dream about them constantly, it’s an infatuation my doctor said. On a recent shopping trip I must have spent three hours straight in Topshop’s shoe section, taking in all the heights, colours [...]