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It’s perfectly okay for you to be single, I promise.

This is an issue that I’m facing a lot lately, which is why after a long hiatus from writing for this wonderful website, I just felt that I had to return to my relationship rants to ask if any other women are being asked this question a little more often that they’d like: Oh, why [...]

Status: Off

Why is it that when you are not interested in dating, men suddenly turn up out of thin air?   It is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, I am certain Professor Brian Cox would agree with me. As soon as you stop looking at the potential in clubs, bars or wherever your [...]

V-DAY Vouch

I gave myself an aim for this year. If I was still single on Valentines 2011 I would restrain from running around like a crazy woman and cease to feel jealous whenever I seen roses or couples adoring each other. I would not try to kidnap every flower delivery person in the North-West or try [...]

12 Reasons We Deserve a Chanel or Mulberry…

1) We smile sweetly at whoever asks, “Why are you still single?” rather than headbutting them into hell! 2) We tolerate the strange and unusual when travelling on public transport 3) We tolerate the strange and unusual men! Pah! 4) We never got sucked into the so-called trend of gold shiny leggings and we don’t [...]