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It’s hard enough in summer…but in winter, an unbearable torment for most of us out there. Finding a great fake tan at this time of year that a. suits your tired, pale skin, b. suits your (probably red) party dress c. doesn’t emphasis your dry skin and d. one that you can be bothered to [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Topshop

Knitted clothes are everywhere, knitted  maxis, knitted jumpers, knitted cardigans, knitted tights, knitted bags… the list is endless. Some items have that altogether super cosy look and this £60 ‘Knitted Navaho Cardigan’ is the perfect example.  So thick, so warm, so snug, so… gotta have it.  I just love the peach/terracotta colour combined with the [...]

Summer Colours

There is nothing nicer than the colour white in the summertime.  The way it reflects the sunlight, the elegance of the colour, the coolness in the hot sun.  Bright colours (white included) reflect on your skin too which gives your complexion a vibrant and fresh look without make up. Well, lucky for us, the shops [...]