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Spring 2013 Trend report

To those of us in the Southern hemisphere warm weather may seem like a distant dream. But fashion is ever looking ahead, and it’s never too early to be informing yourself about the looks that will influence Spring/Summer 2013, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. And so, without further ado, I bring you a [...]

Nuts About Neon

Brace yourselves ladies, neon is back and is bigger and better than ever!   The once tacky trend has been revived in time for Spring/Summer 2012 and is being rocked by celebrities and catwalk shows all across the globe this season. From J-Lo, Fergie & Jessica Alba, to Kim Kardashian & Co, celebs of all [...]

Mulberry Spring Scarves

I am in lust with Mulberry at the moment, especially after covering their Spring/Summer 2012 collection for our very own Manchester Fashion Week.   Currently on trend are their lightweight scarves that are ideal for this weather we are experiencing. The scarves are perfect  being light enough for Spring and can add intrigue to an [...]

Spring to Summer Wardrobe

It’s the bane of our lives. The conversation that is statistically the most talked about topic amongst people in this country and one that causes us to be ridiculed by other, more fortunate sun-blessed countries. Of course, I am referring to the not so great, British weather. Annoyances related to this include; the embarrassing moment [...]

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

This season it’s not just the girls who have been wooing us with their fancy footwear, there are also hot new footwear trends that the boys can try too.   When thinking about fashion, it’s more than likely that ladies wear will receive the most spotlight, which is why I have chosen to write an [...]

Dare You Wear A Flatform?

Is it a wedge? Is it a flat? Could be a pair of heels? No, it’s a flatform! Nestled among the loafers and Sperry’s lurks a new breed of shoe. If you thought this season’s neon’s and Aztec prints were as far out as fashion could get, then brace yourself for the ‘flatform’. Here is [...]

Mulberry SS12 at Manchester Fashion Week 2012

Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 is visited by the British seaside this year.  Think of your memories of visiting the seaside as a child. If you imagine ice-cream, candy floss and candy cane stripes then you are on the right path. The campaign is inspired by Mulberry’s creative director Emma Mill’s and is styled by Edward Enninful. [...]

Flannels at Manchester Fashion Week 2012? Naturally.

Flannels have created a very unique and a very natural looking range of clothing for this season, giving us high fashion and demonstrating to us just how easily it could be achieved.   Having been witness at an extremely packed-out venue for the highly anticipated Flannels fashion show during Manchester Fashion Week, I think that [...]

Ted Baker ROCKS Manchester Fashion Week 2012

Ted has spoken.   And he has bequeathed unto us – his fashion disciples – a dazzling collection that is so demure, chic and smooth-talking that it’s bound to turn some heads this season.   I am referring, of course, to Ted Baker’s Spring/Summer 2012 showcase held at The Avenue North, Spinningfields in honour of [...]

The Ultimate Faux Pas

Much like a bad dream, this next trend just keeps on recurring. Once a style penned by dancing dads, or those cool enough to be deemed alternative, paired with Doc Martens or, as you may more commonly recognise them; afoot a tourist. Yes, those encumbering Big Ben glarer’s with their 800mm camera lens and the [...]

Minimalist Strappy Sandals

Spring/Summer 2012 brings many delicious footwear styles, the minimalist strappy sandal being one of them.  It’s a delicate choice, a way to keep a busy outfit balanced or simply a way to add femininity.  The styles below are similar to the ones worn by Rihanna during the Battleship premiere in Australia, but each carries its [...]

Bold Prints For Summer Holidays

There is a lot of print around this season, from delicate, barely-there prints to bold in your face designs. Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Rihanna have really rocked this look recently but if it’s not your style to be quite so brash, you can infuse your outfits with as little print as you desire. [...]

Punk Icon: Yohji Yamamoto

London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo: We all know that the fashion shows which take place every year in these fashion capitals are fantastic for showcasing the latest cutting edge designs.   Some collections stand out more than others, but I have to hand it to Yohji Yamamoto this time, for his new Spring/Summer 2012, [...]

Ice Cream Sundaes for Spring/Summer 2012

Keeping up to date with fashion’s hottest catwalk trends, it seems the latest style craze has gone novelty. Yes that’s right, designers have certainly let their imaginations run wild this season, with a strong emphasis on fantasy, and how we can have fun with what we choose to wear.   Looking to the catwalks, Mulberry [...]

Dana Lorenz Spring/Summer 2012 Jewellery Collection

Over-sized rings, magpie attracting earrings, armour-esque necklaces and tough cuffs, I own almost every piece of costume jewellery going.   This infatuation is beginning to get out of control however, and at times I do scare myself. Needless to say I have found another collection of jewellery to fall hopelessly in love with that goes [...]

Spring Clean Your Style

As usual our eccentric English weather has surprised us with an unexpected dose of early spring weather. So if you’re clambering through your wardrobe searching for something that isn’t a) black, or b) of the chunky knit variety, or you’re hiking up the high street in search of something that little bit more inspiring – [...]

Pyjama Party

For the past few weeks, I have been thoughtfully toying with the idea of buying a pair of patterned trousers. Yet every time the daring and brave idea crept into the ‘fashion’ section of my brain, an image also sprung into the part of my brain labelled ‘sensible’ (a small section I guarantee you) of [...]

Colour Me Cute

A 50’s inspired fashion phenomenon is currently jiving its way back down our high streets.   That’s right ladies, one of fashion’s most fun and flirty eras is making its presence felt in a modern world with an insatiable appetite for vintage clothing and revisiting earlier styles.   That means that to stay ahead of [...]

SS12′s Flower Craze: Love It Or Hate It?

I love fashion, and I relish the opportunity to wear what I please, whether it be skirt, dress, trousers, shorts (weather permitting of course).  There are so many ways to be yourself.  Sadly for men, they  don’t have such a vast array of clothing to express themselves. Then there’s cosmetics. Love them or loathe them, [...]

To Dye For

Close your eyes and picture tie-dye. What do you see? Half naked hippies at free love festivals? Hemp and peace signs? Perhaps you’re thinking of those recent images of Fergie strolling down Sunset Boulevard in tie dye jeans. Instead, picture Bindya’s grey tie dye scarf, Proenza Schouler’s subtle shibori print gowns and Toni Maticevski’s feminine [...]