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The Good, The Great and The Even Better

2011 was packed to the rafters with fashion events that left us whirling. What better way to honour a year of major style headlines than by revisiting the top five that surpassed our expectations and touched our hearts. From ethereal runway shows to the wedding of the year and that dress. Here are some of the best fashions hits [...]

Top 5 Fashion Investments

These are must have items you needed in your wardrobe. Serving as timeless treasures that can go with everything, here are the top five fashion investments that never go out of style.   1)    Little Black Dress Immortalised forever by icon Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been used and recreated by an endless list of [...]

Five Fashion Musts For Frosty Winters

The five essential winter items for 2011 are as follows:     1. Coat The problem with winter is that any clothes you do wear, other than a coat, are a complete waste of money. There is nothing more irritating than putting on the best outfit of your life – knowing you have just dressed [...]

Confessions of a Shopping Addict

This month I may have gone a little wild with spending (I say this whilst looking down into my empty purse) I forgot that I would actually have to feed myself, so instead of being able to afford my usual lunch at work, it is a homemade pasta salad!   I must have bought six [...]

Friendly Relationship Advice

There’s plenty of good relationship advice out there, well known clichés that are the sound track to go alongside that bottle of wine to ease the heartache. I recently text a medley of these gems to friend who was in need of some soothing – ‘He was never good enough for you’, ‘There’s plenty more [...]