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Fashion Sudoku: Black and Metallic

Fashion Sudoku: the perfect excuse for buying several complimentary items.   When you can create this many combinations, it’s well worth it!   Each row and column provides a fresh new look fit for Autumn/Winter 2011-12.    

Sales, Sales and More Sales?

You may have noticed something recently if you’ve been anywhere near a high street, shopping centre of perhaps online. Discounts galore are upon us. Sad to say a large percentage of my email inbox consists of discount codes, offers and deals from well known high street retailers all hoping to entice we the humble customer, into spending our [...]

Clutch Bags – AW11

Accessories can be all you need to add some wow factor to your outfit.  Particularly if you hate everything in your wardrobe and decide to find solace in your trusty LBD for that night out.   Clutch bags are elegant and ladylike.  They can transform your outfit from nice to fabulous and the right clutch [...]

Party Dresses

It’s time for partying, people! That can only mean one thing.  Party dresses!!!   Christmas brings with it the glitz and glamour that Hollywood red carpets see all year round.  With all the shimmer and glitter that’s all around it is the one time of year that we reserved English folk can go all out [...]

Edgy Fashion: Black & Gold

This autumn/winter season is all about edgy glamour, think statement pieces, heavy metal, glitter, studs, sequins and embellishments!   And you can be bold too with this winter’s star colours: Black and Gold.   You can create an array of different looks using these colours, from chic, classical and glamorous to the opposite end of [...]

Clash Your Heart Out

This is a season for the bold, the brave and the somewhat mentally unstable.  Clashing of prints, fabrics and colours are all huge during Autumn/Winter 2011-12 which means you can have a whole lot of fun throwing fashions together which previously would have been considered mismatched.   Lace with cord, star prints with jewel embellishments, [...]

Winter Wonders

Tones of camel, cognacs and chunky knits, cashmere lined leather gloves with heavy, cosy coats against autumnal checked scarves and knitted turbans warming frosty lobes.   As much as the delayed week of summer was warmly welcomed, the surge of brisk wind and chilly temperatures seem set to keep our sandals firmly in hibernation for [...]

Embellished Glamour

Christmas is coming and Autumn/Winter 2011-12 is in many ways a season of extravagant fashion. Yes there is the minimalist trend but there is also old Hollywood glamour in the form of jewels, beads and other embellishments.  This picture taken from Dolce and Gabbana’s recent advertising campaign is the perfect example of clever clashing of styles and [...]

Get Ahead, Get A Hat!

Flicking through magazines lately, it seems every young trendy celeb is rocking a hat. Trilbies, berets, bowlers and floppy fedoras – there are several charming styles knocking around at the moment.   From Jameela Jamil to Posh, the catwalk to the high street – hats are truly in for the autumn/winter season and beyond… and [...]

Spot The Dog

The last time I wore an outfit inspired by the film 101 Dalmations was fifteen years ago; a white pair of cycling shorts with black spots and a matching t-shirt bearing a few of the famous dalmations from the 1996 film. But in February this year we saw the only high street brand on the London [...]

Trick or Treat?

Autumn: Definately my favourite time of year. A lot of excitement can be found in the autumnal season: tumbling leaves, cosy cover-up fashions and the need to go the extra mile while you grab that cinnamon latte in the morning. Not as stifling hot as summer or as bitter cold as winter, autumn has an [...]

All Creatures Great and Small

As London Fashion Week is all but wrapped up, I am incredibly happy to say that my personal favourite pattern, leopard print, remains on style for the year to come. Alongside leopard print the whole animal kingdom appears to follow, zebra, cheetah, and even Dalmatian prints and furs dominate new Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections. With the [...]

Wardrobe Must Have: The Blazer

If there’s one thing every girl should have at least one of in their wardrobe, then it’s the blazer. If you don’t have one, well, you simply don’t know what your missing!  The blazer is an absolute wardrobe must have for any fashionista or style addict.   The best thing about blazers is that they [...]

Wonderful Wellies

Wellies are no longer being kept to muddy farms or for gardening, they will be seen on the high street, already they have been spotted at festivals!  They will come in their dozens! Bright neon colours, glow in the dark, your classic green, patterned and even polka dots!   It will make rainy days more [...]

Autumn Essentials: Leg Wear

With the new season almost here it’s easy to get carried away with what’s hot on the fashion front. But perhaps the most important addition to our wardrobes for the cold temperatures to come is leg wear and hosiery.   Now, I’m a huge fan of all things related to dressing legs up whether this [...]

Celebrity Clothing Lines, Are They Worth The Hype?

These days it seems that celebs want a hand in everything possible– whether that be music careers, acting, fragrance deals or the more popular arena; clothes designing. If offered it, most celebrities jump in feet first.   The list of stars who have attempted to launch their own clothing lines is endless (take Madonna, Justin [...]

Seasonal Printings

It seems as though summer is officially over, even leaves have begun to fall from their trees. However, I am still optimistic that Autumn/Winter will be bright and bolder than ever before!   Block colours are still going strong for the season, which means your royal purples, orange reds, emerald greens and citrus yellows will [...]

We Heart Fashion

Whilst androgyny will still be big during Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the season also brings femininity in all its glory.  One rather popular aspect that has recently been popping up all over the high street is the use of hearts.  Small hearts, big heart, heart jewellery, heart hosiery, heart jumpers, dresses and skirts.   Whether you want [...]

Textured Shoes

Autumn/Winter 11-12 brings plenty of shoe trends.  Textured fabrics are big this season so it’s no surprise that velvet and suede are materials we’re going to be seeing a great deal of, particularly on footwear.  Not ideal for wet British weather?  No, but with protective sprays and a quick check of the weather forecast before [...]

Going Grunge

Autumn/Winter fashion looks like it’s going to be as grungy as Spring/Summer weather this year. Just as the sun is beginning to show and we’re getting our summer dresses and brights on the streets it seems the catwalks have already moved on with some very determined fashion for Autumn/Winter 11-12.   Last year the colder [...]