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What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away!

What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away Planning on a beach front vacation this summer? Or maybe you just want to look like you are. Either way Hawaiian tropical fashion trends are making way. Tropical paradise sure makes you feel good and provides that R&R we all need from time to time. Sultry colors [...]

Holiday Destination: Vilamoura, Portugal

I recently got back from a holiday in Portugal with my family having stayed at the Vilamoura resort, which is located on the beautiful marina on the Algarve. The place is a popular resort for golfers due to the large amount of golf courses in the area. However, it is also a great getaway for [...]

Sun, Sea and Churros in Rojales

I did no research on Rojales before my summer holiday there.   This was not through laziness, but more my belief that sometimes it’s better to go to a place not knowing what to expect, especially on a last-minute holiday.  I’d never even heard of Rojales before, but I heard it had sea, sun and sand, [...]

Paris J’taime

If you fancy heading for a long weekend away this summer, but are still undecided on location, then look no further than that little city of love just across the water…   Despite wishing to reject the clichés, there is no denying that there is something enchanting and magical about Paris; conceivably the most famous [...]

Guide for Festival Virgins

The festival season is almost upon us with Glastonbury kicking it off in a couple of weeks. I will be watching it with a pang of jealousy given that I won’t be participating in any festival frolics this year. But for others, the festival season signifies three months of music in the outdoors, binge drinking, [...]

10 Reasons Why Vancouver Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

With stunning scenery, picture-perfect beaches and endless entertainment, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with Vancouver.  After living and working in the city for three months, I have made it my mission to return someday. Flights are reasonable (taking approximately 10-12 hours to get there) and there is plenty [...]

Holiday Showdown: How To Survive A Girlie Getaway

So the summer season is almost upon us, and for some it is the time to start booking last minute holidays. For those of us who are single and far too old to be going on holiday with our parents, holidaying with our friends seems like a perfect solution.   While the idea of soaking [...]

Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations

For those considering a very Christmassy Christmas abroad, here are the top five holiday destinations for a traditional, heart-warming Christmas that everyone can enjoy.

Hong Kong in Seven Easy Steps

Hong Kong is the true city that never sleeps. The choices of things to do are so vast and last well into the early hours if need be. There’s never a moment when you’re left among the looming skyscrapers that you think “I’ve run out of things to do!”

Unique Hotels in Berlin

Berlin doesn’t immediately evoke thoughts of romance when considering its war-torn and tortured past. Yet it seems that such a troubled history has borne Berlin as a city whose inhabitants are keen to express their emotions vividly. It’s a city whose fragmented landscape is healed through artistry and whose scabbing wounds are soothed by its [...]

I Don’t Call Australia Home

When I first meet someone in the UK, the first words out of their mouth are always the same

Adventure Travel for Singles

So you’d like to follow the Inca trail to Peru’s Machu Picchu, hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, or take a safari trip through Tanzania but there’s one problem.  You’ve no-one to go with.  Your friends are skint flints and your partner is currently on his/her way into your life but has not quite arrived.  You on [...]

An Affordable Holiday

Finding the right holiday is never easy, because of the credit crunch, finding value for money is a hard thing. If you have a family you are not just catering for your needs, but also those of your children, and if you’re a couple, you want it to be somewhere you can both relax, and [...]