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Unique Tips To Show Off Your Eyes

The internet is filled to the brim with fashion advice on everything from which shoes to wear with the season, to trendy outerwear, to how best to pluck your eyebrows for a stunning look (okay, that last one’s a bit specific but it’s probably out there in more places than one!). Indeed, they say fashion [...]

Little Trinkets

When I visit my other half in Sheffield, I make it my mission to find some clothing or jewellery that I haven’t seen in Manchester. And here they are: a moustache ring and scrabble earrings of my initials.   These little finds are quirky, cute and fun. Boutiques such as Magic Vintage and Don’t Feed [...]

Fashion Thrifty

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the high street as much as the next girl and there is so much out there – but I’m no stranger to a charity shop or two.   The term ‘second-hand’ may strike horror in some people, wearing people’s castaways… But believe me, the clothes you can come [...]