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The Jazz Age circa 2012

I’m a hat-happy kind of a girl. With the first hint of a chill, I’m digging out my cosiest, warmest beanies and fedoras. I don’t believe you have to be a “hat person” to partake either. Discovering that first perfect style that frames the face beautifully and adds a subtle elusiveness is the secret weapon [...]

Fresher Fashion

You’re moving away from your home city and have a million and one things to worry about; making new friends, paying bills for the first time and having to navigate your way around different streets. These are the primary worries for most fresher students but once you’ve settled in and attending lectures through the day [...]

Festival Fever

Say hello to the festival season.   Last weekend officially brought the festival season to a beginning with ‘Rockness’ in Scotland and ‘The Parklife Weekender’ in Manchester. Dizzie Rascal, Kelis, Nero and Noah & The Whale headlined this more recently established North West festival. And with Lovebox London, Kendal Calling and the Reading and Leeds [...]

Jubilee Party Clothes On The High Street

A party weekend such as this requires some party attire.  Something that works during the day and night means you can party on ’til your mind and body allows.   By accessorising with the right shoes, bag, scarf, jewellery or hat, you can add some extra vava voom to these items.  Available on the high [...]

Bold Prints For Summer Holidays

There is a lot of print around this season, from delicate, barely-there prints to bold in your face designs. Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Rihanna have really rocked this look recently but if it’s not your style to be quite so brash, you can infuse your outfits with as little print as you desire. [...]

Casual Clothing

T-shirts are such a great wardrobe staple.  You can dress them up somewhat and you can certainly dress them down.  They look fantastic with jeans and shorts, trousers and skirts, with braces and with a cardigan.  Effortless chic when combined with some nice skinny jeans, sunglasses and a scarf around the head or neck.   [...]

The New Denim

Now that the new year is in full swing and the sale items are crowding the shops, the time for a new year’s wardrobe to go with your new year’s resolutions has never been more convenient.   In an industry were shopping for clothes can cost you a month’s rent, it’s easy to get carried [...]

Fashion Sudoku: Black and Metallic

Fashion Sudoku: the perfect excuse for buying several complimentary items.   When you can create this many combinations, it’s well worth it!   Each row and column provides a fresh new look fit for Autumn/Winter 2011-12.    

Clash Your Heart Out

This is a season for the bold, the brave and the somewhat mentally unstable.  Clashing of prints, fabrics and colours are all huge during Autumn/Winter 2011-12 which means you can have a whole lot of fun throwing fashions together which previously would have been considered mismatched.   Lace with cord, star prints with jewel embellishments, [...]

Get Ahead, Get A Hat!

Flicking through magazines lately, it seems every young trendy celeb is rocking a hat. Trilbies, berets, bowlers and floppy fedoras – there are several charming styles knocking around at the moment.   From Jameela Jamil to Posh, the catwalk to the high street – hats are truly in for the autumn/winter season and beyond… and [...]

We Heart Fashion

Whilst androgyny will still be big during Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the season also brings femininity in all its glory.  One rather popular aspect that has recently been popping up all over the high street is the use of hearts.  Small hearts, big heart, heart jewellery, heart hosiery, heart jumpers, dresses and skirts.   Whether you want [...]

Say “No!” To Pro-Anorexia Clothing

Images of ultra thin, photo-shopped models have consumed the visual aspect of the media. At least 1.1 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder, with those in the age-group 14-25 being  of most risk.   Women and men alike are now expected to be the most thin, toned and beautiful people sauntering the streets; [...]

Buckle Up

I have completely worn out my pair of brown buckled leather ankle boots from last winter and since the sun appears to have gone for another year, I hate to admit it but I’m already hunting for new distinctive winter boots and cosy jumpers. Consequently I have fallen in love with the Autumn/Winter footwear collections [...]

Winter Coats 2011

Long gone are the days where I was dressed in bright fuchsia, purple and yellow patchwork coats! Instead I now look forward to shopping for new coats that will actually flatter me, rather than making me appear like the abominable snowman on acid!   This winter coats will come in their thousands! They will range [...]

Bow Madness

Autumn/Winter 2011-12 brings bows galore.  There are bows on everything, from tops to tights, from playsuits to peep toes.  They come in all shapes and sizes and they’re the perfect way to add a feminine touch to your outfit, especially if you’re going for a somewhat masculine look and want to balance it with a [...]

When Wearing a Paper Bag is a Good Thing

The last time I went jeans shopping I was informed by the assistant that I have a “hollow back”. I’m not sure if that is a medical term but I at least had a reason why every pair of trousers I buy flaps about at the back.  Belts only make the issue worse as they [...]

Hot Playsuits & Jumpsuits for Summer 2011

A great trend for all shapes and sizes, the key is to find the right playsuit or jumpsuit for your body type.  All-in-ones can be easily dressed up and dressed down so long as it doesn’t look like lounge wear… meaning you can get the most wear possible.  Some can even look great with tights, [...]

Lace Dresses, Tops and Accessories Under £40

With the Grace Kelly inspired lace bearing wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton many women are now looking to find sexy or elegant lace items to add to their wardrobe.  With so many great fashions to add during Spring/Summer 2011  you’ll want to make the most of your cash.  Here are some great lace garments [...]

Prime Minister’s Wife’s Been Taking Notes

  We think the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron, may have been reading LoveScene Magazine!   At the weekend we caught her in the papers wearing the same green silk dress that we had featured in one of our “High Street Changing Rooms” articles:  How lovely of her to visit!    Once our feet [...]

Print Dresses for Spring/Summer 2011

It’s that time of year again when we can get excited about all the pretty summery outfits to bring some fun to dressing up. There are as always a number of trends on the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion scene, one of the most notable being print dresses. From pastels to bold colours; there are flower prints, [...]