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Reinvent, Recreate, Re-Inspire at Liverpool Fashion Week

London may have had Alexa Chung gracing the frows and Paris may have been a sea of Chanel dresses and glittering diamonds, but this week’s seven days of dedicated fashion is all about that little city known as Liverpool, and who needs glamour at a costly price tag when you can have elegance at no [...]

It’s Not Vintage, It’s Second Hand

Usually when we come across something previously worn by another being, we, well I, and most of my friends, state it as ‘vintage.’ The use of the word has become a noun;  a category of clothing, furniture, paraphernalia. It is no longer a term used to describe things, but a word categorically known for all [...]

The 90s Are Already Vintage

It all started very subtly. Nobody seemed surprised when three years ago the denim shirt began to turn up again in the shops after a lengthy absence. What had been the sin of this apparently innocent and stylish garment that had granted it such a long exile from our wardrobes? I will tell you, it [...]

Why The Satchel Stands The Test Of Time

As a five year old I was most definitely the most fashionable gal in my primary school. Unfortunately, the other kids didn’t agree so they picked on me. They didn’t quite ‘get’ my bizarre ensemble of red Kickers boots, granddad spectacles and old-fashioned school-boy satchel. Fast forward twenty years and I could wear that same [...]

Little Trinkets

When I visit my other half in Sheffield, I make it my mission to find some clothing or jewellery that I haven’t seen in Manchester. And here they are: a moustache ring and scrabble earrings of my initials.   These little finds are quirky, cute and fun. Boutiques such as Magic Vintage and Don’t Feed [...]

Used and Abused Knitwear

I am a knitwear addict.   As the transition between autumn and winter quickly occurs, I’ve been on ugly knit patrol, sifting through endless second hand shops and vintage fairs. Not to toot my horn, but I’ve found some wonderful knitted jumpers that haven’t destroyed my bank balance. This particular jumper that I’m about to [...]

Fashion Thrifty

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the high street as much as the next girl and there is so much out there – but I’m no stranger to a charity shop or two.   The term ‘second-hand’ may strike horror in some people, wearing people’s castaways… But believe me, the clothes you can come [...]

Dressing on a Budget

When it comes to dressing with an edge we all want to be on the pulse of fashion, but sometimes those designer clothes that we see advertised on the catwalks and in the magazines can seem simply beyond our means. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank balance when it [...]

Arty Love

Gracing the autumn/winter catwalks for 2011 are opulent, multi-textured and new-shaped garments. These evoke the styles of the modernist and expressionist artists, as well as highlighting the skill of the designers and their dress makers. A breath of fresh air is about to envelope the high street, throwing away the short lengths and patchwork patterns [...]

Prim And Polished

‘Prim and Polished’ offers some of the finest feminine clothing available on the high street today.   For those who love vintage style but don’t have the time to scour vintage stores, Topshop’s collection ‘Prim and Polished’ is most definitely for you. Inspired by an array of decades the range boasts a quirky ladylike style [...]