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SS14 – Top Trends

It is that time again - fashion show season. The big capitals of fashion; New York, London, Milan and Paris, are all being whipped up into a frenzy over their shows and the latest trends soon to hit the catwalk. The top trends will be seen across the four international shows to set us up for [...]

Boho Chic: When, Where, and Why

It’s true; fashion has its horrible flash back moments. Yet it also has a free adventurous way of reinventing an old time favorite! Boho is so in this season and takes us back to that hippie theme of love, peace, and happiness. Summer time is full of festivals and family outdoor extravaganzas, which is the [...]

The Forgotten Fashion Capital of Europe

Belgium: It’s better known for its rich chocolate, its authentic beer and its neutrality in world wars (the only thing anyone can still remember from GCSE history) than for its place on the podium of the world’s most iconic fashion havens. Hopefully I’m about to change all your perceptions on that small country next to France [...]

It’s Not Vintage, It’s Second Hand

Usually when we come across something previously worn by another being, we, well I, and most of my friends, state it as ‘vintage.’ The use of the word has become a noun;  a category of clothing, furniture, paraphernalia. It is no longer a term used to describe things, but a word categorically known for all [...]

Dressing on a Budget

When it comes to dressing with an edge we all want to be on the pulse of fashion, but sometimes those designer clothes that we see advertised on the catwalks and in the magazines can seem simply beyond our means. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank balance when it [...]

Arty Love

Gracing the autumn/winter catwalks for 2011 are opulent, multi-textured and new-shaped garments. These evoke the styles of the modernist and expressionist artists, as well as highlighting the skill of the designers and their dress makers. A breath of fresh air is about to envelope the high street, throwing away the short lengths and patchwork patterns [...]

The Purchases That Time (and I) Forgot…

I’ll admit it – I’m a clothes addict. And I’m aware that I’m not the slightest bit alone in this addiction. Trips to the High Street inevitably result in that dress, pair of heels (whatever it might be this time) screaming my name…I went through a phase when I was younger of applying the term [...]

Ethical Fashion and Me

I am going to be honest here; I was a fast fashion addict. Actually scrap that I am a fast fashion addict, but one that’s currently in the throes of going cold turkey. After a series of incidents which left me feeling like the universe was shaking its fist at me, I came to realise [...]

Love Lila: Funky Online Boutique

Fashion forward and affordable… now that’s what we fashion lovers like!   Love LiLa is one of those online shops that ignores the faff and gets straight to the heart of fresh, funky fashion.  The quality of the current site may not be the best but I am told there’s a much slicker one on [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Zara

After a quick look in the smart and somewhat mature section of  the high street store Zara I swiftly headed for the downward escalator.  As I was already wearing trousers I’d bought from Zara about two weeks prior to my visit, I searched for a variety of tops to demonstrate the versatility of these bottoms. [...]