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Dame Vivienne Westwood Hits Out At Clones

Dame Vivienne Westwood, how could you hit out at us, your faithful, fashionable subjects? The only thing in my entire life I have ever saved up for was a pair of your buckled pirate boots, and yet you brand me with such harsh names.   ‘People have never looked so ugly as they do today [...]

Art and Fashion: Are they the same?

Is fashion perceived as art these days? In today’s culture obsessed society, art can be seen everywhere and is meant to capture the imagination of its audience … on street walls, in bus shelters, even on the side of public transport, art plays an active role in our modern world. We cannot deny that there [...]

Cowl Craze

The plunging neckline may be enjoying a moment in the spotlight, but there are always other options. The current alternative, other than the formidable polo neck is by way of the cowl; low cut or subtly draped to reveal décolletage.   Just look at the options: from Alexander McQueen’s red crepe dress teamed with a leather jacket for [...]

Style Crush: Marina Diamandis

Marina Diamandis, of The Diamonds fame, isn’t exactly on the mainstream side of music.. or fashion for that matter. The Welsh/Greek beauty stole my heart the moment I saw her in the glitzy, Americana cliché-filled music video for her single – ‘Hollywood’. With flowing dark hair and ruby red lips, Marina had an air of [...]

We Heart Fashion

Whilst androgyny will still be big during Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the season also brings femininity in all its glory.  One rather popular aspect that has recently been popping up all over the high street is the use of hearts.  Small hearts, big heart, heart jewellery, heart hosiery, heart jumpers, dresses and skirts.   Whether you want [...]

Buckle Up

I have completely worn out my pair of brown buckled leather ankle boots from last winter and since the sun appears to have gone for another year, I hate to admit it but I’m already hunting for new distinctive winter boots and cosy jumpers. Consequently I have fallen in love with the Autumn/Winter footwear collections [...]

Boot Camp

I think it is near about the time I put away my collection of sandals, even the ones I have not had a chance to wear yet! As much as this pains me, a little smile still manages to spread across my face, well, at least I can start looking towards purchasing some new autumn/winter [...]

Top 10 Hairstyles For Spring/Summer 2011

Summer is a time for relaxing in the park, the beer garden and at barbeques and it’s a time for partying late into the summer night.  What you do with your hair adds statement to your outfit.   Sometimes it’s so hot you want something effortless or you just want it off your neck and [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 7

I hope that you have all had a very happy Valentine’s Day! I must say, I didn’t watch this week’s episode when it aired on Sky the other night, but after an over indulgent Valentine’s Day it was a treat to catch up on Sky player this morning with my hang-over tea and toast! For [...]

London Fashion Week – bring on Spring/Summer 2011

As the curtains came down on New York’s Fashion Week, our beloved capital duly opened its doors to London Fashion Week.  The much anticipated glimpse at Spring/Summer 2011 has been nothing less than a blast of sophistication. Paul Costelloe and his Tinkerbell inspired outfits opened the show with a look infused with more edginess than [...]