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Is It Always Best To Come Clean?

It’s one of those age-old mantras – ‘honesty is the best policy’, but does that always remain true in the celebrity world?     If there was a prize for best celebrity body, I could, hands down proclaim Nicole Scherzinger was top dog. She’s lean and toned, yet extraordinarily effeminate looking – she has what [...]

Simon and Dannii’s Hidden Romance Revealed… OOH-AHHHH

Outside it’s dark, it’s dingy, the heatwave has tumbled away, huffing and puffing, tail between its legs and well, everything is just a little bit bland. The passing traffic looks exhausted and the birds can’t even be arsed to chirp anymore. What we need is some excitement. And, like in every other situation, what we [...]

One Direction Make US Chart History!

  The group have had a very busy few weeks promoting their album on a tour around the US, but today One Direction have reason to take a well deserved break and celebrate, as they have become the first British group to debut at number one in America!   The baby-faced boyband have today made [...]

Cheryl Cole Mistakes

It seems everyone has digs at Cheryl Cole for her inability to sing well, but the one thing that seems to evade most writers is the fact that she has one ridiculously bad hair-do at the moment.   What on earth is going on around her pretty head?  Not only does it look daft in [...]

Could Tulisa Be The New Enid Blyton?

There’s always going to be scepticism when a celebrity announces that they’re going to play author and craft their own novel with ‘hands of inexperience’. Doubters happily go out of their way to discourage the star with harsh comments, outwardly exhibiting a lack of hope in their ability, demanding that they stick to their trade, [...]

The X Factor Effect

  The X Factor has often left viewers wondering what the point is in going on the show.   By the time the excitement about the latest winner has completely dissipated, it is only then that the winner launches their first album!  Surely Simon Cowell and Sony should have at least a few tracks pre-written so that [...]

Harry Styles & Caroline Flack ARE Dating – It’s Official

  Read it and weep girls, it’s official… Harry Styles is OFF the market!   Okay, probably not the newest slice of information as speculation has been flying around for a while now, but it’s confirmed, Harry Styles and Caroline Flack are dating.   The sexy Xtra Factor presenter has finally broken her silence on [...]

Little Mix – The Next Girl Power?

I was going to give up on the X Factor some weeks ago. Apart from the delightful Gary Barlow whose comments are always constructive and not to put the other judges down – I had just felt like the show was the same as it has been for the past few years.   There is [...]

Tattoo much Tulisa?

X Factor producers must no doubt be wondering just what their next headache will be caused by, after stories emerged in the papers this morning surrounding new judge Tulisa Contostavlos. The N Dubz singer recently launched her own fragrance, called The Female Boss, and in what could be a new (though somewhat painful) form of [...]

Rihanna’s In Trouble AGAIN!

Naughty, naughty, naughty, Rihanna is in trouble AGAIN!   The 23 year-old Barbados babe is yet again shocking the UK with her sexy and naughty stage antics, but are we really suprised?   The sexy singer stunned the studio audience of the X Factor in her performance on last nights results show after wearing, let’s [...]

Amelia’s Back!

So Amelia’s back to replace Frankie in the latest drama/saga to hit this year’s X Factor. After being eliminated on the votes of the judges during the early live shows, Amelia Lily has rejoined the contestants after she won the viewer phone vote last night. Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, and considering the media attention and number [...]

Frankie Cocozza Kicked Off The X Factor!

X Factor wild child Frankie Cocozza has been axed from the show… are we suprised?   The shaggy haired rocker apparently broke one of the shows ‘golden rules’ by bragging about using Cocaine, but it gets better, he said it in front of the production staff!   He has released a statement today apologising to [...]

Kelly Rowland Pulls Out Of This Week’s X Factor, But Who Will Replace Her?

……….None other than home grown Alexandra Burke!   But why is Kelly being replaced? And what the heck is going on in the X Factor? It’s usually the acts that grab the attention of the press but not this year, this year it’s all about the judges!   This season of the X Factor revealed [...]

What Next For X Factor?

So, after the departure of Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, new replacement judges and more headlines than prospective singers (almost), it might have seemed that X Factor had no more shocks to offer? Unfortunately not. After flying to Los Angeles last week, allegedly going AWOL, new judge Kelly Rowland has said that she won’t appear [...]

X Factor Live Show Ratings Low

Listening to Tulisa Contostavlos repeatedly tell participants on the X Factor live show that they had “energy” drained me of any energy I had left for the programme! Let’s face it, one of the contestants was so dull it was like watching paint dry and yet she still drew this incorrect evaluation out of her [...]

Fight For This Love

Where has the Chezza we know and love gone? In a bid to reignite her embarrassed career and to reign once more as ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ Cheryl Cole has taken to staging out-of-character publicity stunts and seems to have gone into PR overload. After being (a-hem) let go from the US series of X Factor [...]

Cheryl’s (E)x Factor

So, X Factor USA has only just started and yet it’s already been making headlines worldwide. Even before the contestants are unleashed on the American public, the replacement of British singer and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole by former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger continues to give Simon Cowell a bigger headache than any tone deaf [...]

Cheryl’s Shoes

The former  X Factor judge and pop princess  is moving into footwear design with an inspired range of shoes for fashion styling website   Stylistpick are a new fashion store specialising in an online styling experience. Simply register, answer a few questions and receive monthly accessory suggestions tailored to your tastes, by some of [...]

Instant Fame: Just Add TV

Hard work, determination and talent or just the ability to get yourself in front of a camera and on the television? I’m not sure exactly what it takes in order to make someone a star nowadays but sometimes it seems that talent doesn’t always have to be that involved.   Whether it’s Big Brother or [...]

Gary Barlow – The Star That’s Still Rising

Is there something about the number one seat on the judging panel of X Factor that makes the likes of average looking Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow more attractive?  The lead singer of Take That was always outshone by his other four band members in the looks department and he was never picked up by [...]