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Top 10 Best Lustrous Lip Glosses

Makeup is an essential for some and choosing the right cosmetic item is just as critical. Lips are the defining pivotal finish to your makeup enhancements. Thus, it’s important to know what colors and brands are best suited for your individual needs. Here you will find the top 10 best selling lip glosses with impressive [...]

The Forgotten Fashion Capital of Europe

Belgium: It’s better known for its rich chocolate, its authentic beer and its neutrality in world wars (the only thing anyone can still remember from GCSE history) than for its place on the podium of the world’s most iconic fashion havens. Hopefully I’m about to change all your perceptions on that small country next to France [...]

Au revoir Lou Lou

The fashion world lost one of its legends this weekend with the passing of French model and designer Lou Lou de la Falaise. A long time collaborator and muse of the renowned late designer Yves Saint Laurent, de la Falaise worked alongside him for many years, but also became a valued and trusted friend.   [...]

Work Wear Wardrobe

Work wear should be more than a simple white shirt with a striped tie, it should ooze sophistication, domination, confidence and reliability. Getting up for nine in the mornings can make anyone want to throw on just about anything and crawl into work, but your choice of outfit could reflect how other work colleagues view [...]