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Blending a couple’s two names together is not cool, it’s stupid

Right, let’s have a really cool quick-fire round of pointless questions about pointless people. Ready? Okay, who is more useless than Chantelle Houghton? A: Alex Reid. Who is more arrogant than Alex Reid? A: Kanye West. Who is more annoying than Kanye West? A: Kim Kardashian. Kudos if you got them all right, a slap [...]

More of a Steve Brookstein than a Britney

It actually hurts me to draw even more attention to the leech that is literally sucking the life out of the word ‘celebrity’, but Kerry Katona has to be the worst person in the world. For years I’ve been finding it difficult to come to terms with how people still care about whatever she has [...]

Amy Childs ‘Tortured’ by Fame

Amy Childs’ depressing tales of the trials and tribulations of fame: Chapter One   Fame wouldn’t be fame if it wasn’t curdled by those in the spotlight complaining about all of those ‘little people’ ruining their expectations of fame and being, well, just plain mean. How cruel of us not to bask in another being, [...]

Instant Fame: Just Add TV

Hard work, determination and talent or just the ability to get yourself in front of a camera and on the television? I’m not sure exactly what it takes in order to make someone a star nowadays but sometimes it seems that talent doesn’t always have to be that involved.   Whether it’s Big Brother or [...]

Celebrity News Or Not?

As Cheryl Cole’s US career seems to be slipping away thoughts of what she will do next are on the mind.   One can’t help but wonder if Cheryl’s US sacking was on the cards before she was even offered the role.  Simon Cowell knows Miss Cole is the British nation’s sweetheart and by X [...]

Top 10 Non-Celebs: Beyond The Z List

You may not be a fan of Lindsay Lohan and though she acts like an idiot and seems to be unable to create any publicity out of talent, at least she actually was an actress as a child.  Yes her current attempts at stardom are contrived and pathetic but there was a real achievement that [...]