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Ready for Spring: 5 wishlish items

1. Every girl needs an everyday handbag, and this beauty from Class International is so versatile. Inspired by the iconic and timeless style of Audrey Hepburn, this classic handbag in a navy hue will be a perfect accessory for spring, summer even winter! 2. For me, spring is all about experimenting with colours and patterns, and this [...]

Spring 2013 Trend report

To those of us in the Southern hemisphere warm weather may seem like a distant dream. But fashion is ever looking ahead, and it’s never too early to be informing yourself about the looks that will influence Spring/Summer 2013, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. And so, without further ado, I bring you a [...]

Spring to Summer Wardrobe

It’s the bane of our lives. The conversation that is statistically the most talked about topic amongst people in this country and one that causes us to be ridiculed by other, more fortunate sun-blessed countries. Of course, I am referring to the not so great, British weather. Annoyances related to this include; the embarrassing moment [...]

Minimalist Strappy Sandals

Spring/Summer 2012 brings many delicious footwear styles, the minimalist strappy sandal being one of them.  It’s a delicate choice, a way to keep a busy outfit balanced or simply a way to add femininity.  The styles below are similar to the ones worn by Rihanna during the Battleship premiere in Australia, but each carries its [...]

Bold Prints For Summer Holidays

There is a lot of print around this season, from delicate, barely-there prints to bold in your face designs. Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Rihanna have really rocked this look recently but if it’s not your style to be quite so brash, you can infuse your outfits with as little print as you desire. [...]

Spring Clean Your Style

As usual our eccentric English weather has surprised us with an unexpected dose of early spring weather. So if you’re clambering through your wardrobe searching for something that isn’t a) black, or b) of the chunky knit variety, or you’re hiking up the high street in search of something that little bit more inspiring – [...]

Colour Me Cute

A 50’s inspired fashion phenomenon is currently jiving its way back down our high streets.   That’s right ladies, one of fashion’s most fun and flirty eras is making its presence felt in a modern world with an insatiable appetite for vintage clothing and revisiting earlier styles.   That means that to stay ahead of [...]

Casual Clothing

T-shirts are such a great wardrobe staple.  You can dress them up somewhat and you can certainly dress them down.  They look fantastic with jeans and shorts, trousers and skirts, with braces and with a cardigan.  Effortless chic when combined with some nice skinny jeans, sunglasses and a scarf around the head or neck.   [...]

Summery Shorts for SS12

Whilst black is beautiful, one can’t help but look forward to the uplifting hues that go hand in hand with the long, bright days.  Whilst some of these bottom-skimming shorts may be a step too far for some of you, we’ve picked some slightly longer ones too.  However, there aren’t many reasonably priced feminine, summery shorts [...]

Christmas Trend: Sequins

  Christmas is almost upon us, and this year it feels like sequins are everywhere.  This party season, it’s time to stand out and invest in some sequins for your wardrobe! Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Diana Von Furstenberg are all embracing this shimmering trend which will definitely get you noticed. With all the designer [...]

Fashion Sudoku: Black and Metallic

Fashion Sudoku: the perfect excuse for buying several complimentary items.   When you can create this many combinations, it’s well worth it!   Each row and column provides a fresh new look fit for Autumn/Winter 2011-12.    

Clash Your Heart Out

This is a season for the bold, the brave and the somewhat mentally unstable.  Clashing of prints, fabrics and colours are all huge during Autumn/Winter 2011-12 which means you can have a whole lot of fun throwing fashions together which previously would have been considered mismatched.   Lace with cord, star prints with jewel embellishments, [...]

Wonderful Wellies

Wellies are no longer being kept to muddy farms or for gardening, they will be seen on the high street, already they have been spotted at festivals!  They will come in their dozens! Bright neon colours, glow in the dark, your classic green, patterned and even polka dots!   It will make rainy days more [...]

Menswear for Women

I have often thought to myself, “Why do the men’s section have better clothes than the women’s?”  Admittedly I haven’t been able to resist the charm of their departments and have over the past ten years found myself buying an item or two out of the men’s and young boys sections.   Sometimes fashion is [...]

Style and Versatility

Zara the clothes retailer has to be one of the best shops in the land.  It has clothes to suit many body shapes and personal styles and prices vary from cheap to reasonably pricey.   Not being the biggest fan of wedge sandals (as there seem to be a lot of awful ones) it was [...]

20 Summer Items Under 20 GBP

You don’t have to splash the cash to add some great summery items to your wardrobe.  Check out these 20 wardrobe additions all under £20.   CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE… Butterfly T-Shirt – £19.99, Zara; Slinky Button Shorts – £18.00, New Look; Fitted Tank Top – £12.90, Mango; Lime Jersey Runner Shorts – £8.00, [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Zara

After a quick look in the smart and somewhat mature section of  the high street store Zara I swiftly headed for the downward escalator.  As I was already wearing trousers I’d bought from Zara about two weeks prior to my visit, I searched for a variety of tops to demonstrate the versatility of these bottoms. [...]