Adventure Travel for Singles

So you’d like to follow the Inca trail to Peru’s Machu Picchu, hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, or take a safari trip through Tanzania but there’s one problem.  You’ve no-one to go with.  Your friends are skint flints and your partner is currently on his/her way into your life but has not quite arrived.  You on the other hand don’t want to wait until your friends stop wasting their money or ‘til you find a partner whose idea of a holiday may end up being “sunbathing on the beach with a good book”.

The fantastic thing is, nowadays being single and independent is very much the norm and there are now a number of companies that cater to this very need of active fun-loving, singles who want to see the world and quite frankly want to see it now!  Numerous companies have sought to help you single, adventurous souls, for example, The Adventure Company, The Imaginative Traveller, and Explore, to name a few.

Here’s what some of them have to say about the service they provide:

The Adventure Company

All of our adventures are great for solo travellers by their very nature.

  • You travel with a small group of like-minded people and share memorable experiences everyday; which brings everyone together.
  • Your local Group Leader gives you reassurance, helping out with everything day-to-day.
  • We’ve got firsthand experiences on most our trips so can answer pretty much any question.
  • Travelling within a group splits the cost of many elements.
  • We room people of the same sex together avoiding any single supplements, (Collection trips not included).

That’s why around 40% of all our passengers are solo travellers.

Fancy a trip with just other solo travellers?
We’ve also a range of dedicated solo departures – trips exclusively for people booking on their own. They offer an extra social element as everyone is in the same situation and are keen to get to know each other.

The Imaginative Traveller

If you are travelling alone then our trips are simply made for you!  There are NO compulsory single supplements on most of our tours as we simply arrange twin share accommodation for you with another tour member of the same sex.  And there are loads of you single tour members out there!  Whether you are young professional adults, students on a sabbatical, older ‘second-time round’ travellers – our trips are a real melting-pot.  Which makes for excellent and very entertaining dinner conversation! Alternatively, on most of our Traveller and Adventurer Plus tours, you can pay a single supplement and we can arrange a single room for you. We understand travelling to far away destinations and different cultures on your own can be daunting thus our tours provide the safety of travelling to the world’s most exciting destinations in a small group of like-minded people with whom you can share amazing experiences and make life-long friendships.

There really is no such thing as ‘travelling alone’ on our trips.

  • With Imaginative Traveller travelling alone couldn’t be easier:
  • No compulsory single supplement on most of our Adventurer Plus or Traveller style trips.
  • We arrange twin share accommodation for you with another tour member of the same sex.
  • Small numbers help to make you feel one of the group
  • You have a tour leader/guide who knows the country and is on hand to help with your questions and concerns whilst on the trip
  • Make new friends – our trips are usually a good mix of single people and couples
  • Free time during the tour allows you to ‘do your own thing’ once your confidence has grown or you can choose to accompany other members of your group
  • Our homestay experiences, that are part of some of our tours, enable you to meet the local people in their own environment and live as they live – difficult to arrange as an independent traveller
  • We use a variety of transport on our tours – buses, boats and trains – no need to worry about the tickets. We do it all for you!


Explore small group adventure holidays are ideal for single travellers, as they allow you to meet and travel with other like-minded people. They are also extremely flexible, and allow plenty of free time for personal exploration. Travelling in a small group is also much safer then travelling alone – the additional security of travelling with an organised group with a tour leader should not be under-estimated.

All our holidays (with the exception of family adventures) are open to solo travellers. As all rooming on tour is based on adults of the same sex sharing, you won’t have to pay a compulsory single supplement. However, if you’d rather have the guarantee of a room to yourself, the option to pay that little bit extra for a single room is available on most tours.