An Affordable Holiday

Finding the right holiday is never easy, because of the credit crunch, finding value for money is a hard thing. If you have a family you are not just catering for your needs, but also those of your children, and if you’re a couple, you want it to be somewhere you can both relax, and I think I have found that place…. Tunisia!

I had a 1 week stay in Tunisia back in May, and the weather was simply amazing, and the timing couldn’t have been better. We travelled on May 9th on a three hour flight to Monastir, and we went to our hotel, an all inclusive resort the Houda Golf and Beach Resort. We didn’t arrive until midnight, but were greeted by staff that were all to happy to help, refusing to let me carry my bags, and making sure to inform me that the snack bar was open until 2am (which I might add is a great snack bar). The rooms were basic, yet adequate; we had a ground floor, with a balcony, although there wasn’t much to see from there. By the time we had arrived the hotel was very peaceful and quiet, yet we decided to try out there club room, which itself was very quiet, and seemed to stay this way throughout the holiday (unless entertainment was on) but they never closed, and it formed part of your all inclusive package.

During the day you meet the entertainment team, who work tirelessly throughout the day to make sure you are enjoying your holiday, interacting with you, playing games, and generally messing around, and as long as you can handle them occasionally staring at your partner, you should get along with them fine.  There are three pools in the hotel, and indoor, outdoor and children’s pool. They’re all lively, yet still easy to relax in (I’m not sure you want to relax in the childrens pool, it may look odd). The hotel is joined to a beach which is perfect to go and sit and relax on. There is one downside to the beach and that’s the constant people trying to sell different items to you, but a firm no usually does the trick.

The food was generally good, although it is generally overrun by the same meat dishes every other day, which can become boring, there are two al-a-carte restaurants, which you are permitted to use once in your all inclusive package, where you will be given bottles of wine, and served at the highest standard. The beer in the hotel is easy to get, you are restricted to only ordering two drinks per person, but some staff do ignore this rule, which is always nice. The bar is open until 2am, although most guests are long gone by then.

The staff work to the highest standard, and for the price we paid, I couldn’t recommend this hotel more. The sun was shining, I got a great deal, and I would happily go back.

PRICE: £309.00 per person

BOARD: All Inclusive

DATE: 09/05/2010 until 16/09/2010


Sean Bromley