Guide for Festival Virgins

festivalsThe festival season is almost upon us with Glastonbury kicking it off in a couple of weeks. I will be watching it with a pang of jealousy given that I won’t be participating in any festival frolics this year. But for others, the festival season signifies three months of music in the outdoors, binge drinking, and having to compromise on personal hygiene and toilet facilities.


For me, sitting in the middle of a field surrounded by hundreds of music lovers, drinking cold, frothy lager and listening to the melodic tones of the latest band is just my idea of musical bliss.


I love festivals, it is the most random weekend that any music lover can experience. I have fallen in love with bands who I wouldn’t normally listen to, spent hours trying to find my tent and watched normal, professional people playing with glow sticks and laughing hysterically.


I can still remember my first festival which was Leeds 2004. I was an ill-prepared festival virgin. The trauma of day three and having no toilet roll will forever haunt me, so for any of you who are lucky to be going to a festival this summer – take note of my ultimate festival checklist! And don’t get caught out. Three days can turn into festival hell rather than festival heaven.


1) Toilet roll – never attempt a festival without at least a few rolls. Festival toilets are one of the grimmest, smelliest environments you may ever come across. A few pieces of toilet roll could also provide you with an essential barrier between them and you.

2) Haribo – handy bites for a quick sugar rush.

3) Bin Liners – you never know when these can come in handy, plus if you get caught out in the rain, you can wear these too. When I went to see Emimen it started to pour down and there were some enterprising youngsters selling their bin bags for £1 each – I was amazed that people were buying them. Great initiative!

4) Redbull – gives you wings….and Berocca gives you a great start to the day.

5) Tents – always take a decent tent with you, make sure it’s waterproof and if possible, always camp on high ground.

6) Pillow – sometimes it’s difficult to get to sleep so taking your own pillow can give you extra comfort.

7) Earplugs – these can make all the difference in getting a good nights sleep.

8 ) Sleeping bags – get a decent sleeping bag for a comfortable nights sleep.

9) Folding chair – it pays to buy a proper chair instead of those tripod stools. They are a pain to carry around, but are definitely better to have when sitting around for hours listening to music.

10) Lantern – some form of lighting device is always a good idea and will help you find your way back to your tent after a few beers.

11) Baby wipes……. clean hands = peace of mind.

12) Camera. Take as many photographs as possible to tell the story of your festival capers.

13) Camp flag – if there is a group of you going then its best to have a flag in the middle of your tents to lead the way.

14) Hayfever tablets – don’t spend the entire festival sneezing to the beats instead of singing. Occupying a field for a weekend can play havoc on your sinuses if you suffer from allergies.

15) Wellies – always a life saver especially if you are going to Glastonbury.

16) Glow sticks – a great accessory for the rave tents.

17) Condoms – always protect yourself anywhere and a festival is no exception.

18) Money – take it with you before you arrive as the cash machines on site will not only charge you for taking out your own money, but they will have you queuing for longer than the toilets.

19) Denim skirt/shorts – without a doubt the number one festival fashion item for us girls. They just never go out of style.

20) Beer – saves queuing up, reduces the amount you have to pay for beer in the festival and is a nice refreshing beverage to welcome you to your tent after an exhausting day in the fields.