Paris J’taime

Eiffel Tower (by Aksana Kunkle)If you fancy heading for a long weekend away this summer, but are still undecided on location, then look no further than that little city of love just across the water…


Despite wishing to reject the clichés, there is no denying that there is something enchanting and magical about Paris; conceivably the most famous city in the world. On arrival, it is impossible not to be immediately engulfed by a language so poetical and easy on the ear, that it is very difficult not to fall in love with every single person who even utters a “pardon” or “Mademoiselle”. Beauty surrounds almost every part of the city; from the effortlessly stylish business workers with their trench coats and pinstripes, to the quaint exteriors of the bistros and patisseries and the bright, glittering lights of the Champs-Elysees. The architecture screams out a history so vast and interesting that a person is spellbound for hours without even noticing a single hand move on their watch. From strolling along the banks of the Seine, purchasing a postcard from the stalls along the way that appear as though they have emerged from a black and white 1920s film, to exploring the haunting splendour of Pere Lachaise, you can be encapsulated for days. This is a city of inspiration; inciting creativity. Inhibitions are lost in Paris. Croissants are for breakfast; the soft pastry falling away in your hand and a buttery taste lingering on the tongue. An indulgent abundance of fresh, fluffy bread, melt in the mouth fish, succulent cuts of meat, escargot just for fun and wine. A vin, a carafe, or perhaps a bottle!


It is difficult to tire of wandering the winding streets, lined with window boxes of the most beautifully coloured flowers and pastel painted window shutters. Discoveries linger around surprise corners and coffee and cafes are in abundance. Watching oblivious dogs scamper on the grassy park, the iconic Eiffel Tower as their backdrop, joining the throngs of tourists at Notre Dame and giving into crepe temptation in the Marais quarter, it is impossible to grow bored. In summer, the light bounces off the whitewash buildings, as though the city is a paradise island in the middle of the sky.


Paris PlageIf this romantic depiction is not enough to tempt you then wait until you hear about Paris Plage. Taking place every summer since 2002, this event, simply translating as Paris beach, converts two miles of the river Seine into beaches, complete with sand, sunbeds and the most mouth wateringly delicious ice cream. This year, the event runs from July 21st to August 21st and there are an abundance of entertaining activities taking place, meaning that you no longer have decisions to make between city breaks and beach visits.


Although travelling to Paris in the height of summer is not the cheapest time to go French, there are a few ways in which you can keep your budget low. If you are under 26, museum and gallery entry is free of charge providing you are able to show a valid form of identification. Food from the supermarket is still tres delicious and a much cheaper alternative for breakfast or lunch. If you do fancy eating out however, stray a little further away from the touristy areas where the food is generally less expensive and also tastier as it feels as though it has been made with a little bit more amore.


Looking up at the striking buildings and peering in exquisite shop windows really incites the magical feel of the city, so walking instead of paying for a ticket on the metro will also save you some euro whilst allowing you to indulge in an extra croissant for breakfast completely guilt free!


If this has been an ample amount of temptation and if you fancy trying out your language skills, capturing the heart of a fine Parisian or strolling around as though you are Coco Chanel, then get booking now!