Top 5 Christmas Holiday Destinations

With festive cheer all around, it’s difficult not to get caught up in all the excitement.  With the impending Christmas season some of us will already be well prepared, some of us haven’t even begun thinking about it, others have started buying presents and some know exactly how and where they will be spending Christmas.  Many people find Christmas a great time to get away with their family and friends.  After all, the kids are off from school, some people work for companies that do not open over Christmas, or as their own boss, take time off, and others have the foresight to use some of their holiday allowance for Christmas to ensure they can spend the season with loved ones.  For those considering a very Christmassy Christmas abroad here are the top five holiday destinations for a traditional, heart-warming Christmas.


In fifth place is Alaska, the beautiful vast landscape which is invariably cold, freezing and white during the festive season.  The snow coated land and the clear blue sky is ever so charming as is Santa Claus in his sleigh pulled by reindeer Rudolph, who arrive for a pre Christmas visit.   Christmas carols and hymns are sung by the locals and the family homes reverberate with Christmas music.  The Alaskan children wander from house to house carrying a coloured star on a long pole, singing carols and are then rewarded with sweet treats.

Whilst you’re there you can check out the glaciers, go on a dog-sled tour and see the aurora borealis.

Val d’Isere

Number four and ever so much easier for us Brits to travel to is the skiing destination of Val d’Isere.  This area of France is famed for its ski resorts.  You can spend Christmas in a chalet surrounded by breathtaking views, sipping wine, splashing about in a hot tub.  OK, so the hot tub may not be included in all the chalets but there certainly are a great many luxurious chalets.  The original village of Val d’Isere dates back to the 11th century but lifestyle there is very much modern day with British pubs, excellent French bistros, creperies and pizza restaurants and night entertainment.  As the nightlife continues until the early hours of the morning, ensure your hotel or apartment is well away from the centre of night life if your beauty sleep is a necessity.


For the most famous European Christmas markets with roots dating back to medieval years, visit the delightful markets of Germany.  Crack open hot chestnuts, devour grilled sausages and sip glüwein as you roam around the sixty markets of Berlin.  The capital is charming and magical at Christmas and its markets range from quaint and enchanting to lively and urban.


The most obvious choice at Christmas would be visiting Santa in his very own home if you got the chance.   Feel daring by driving a snowmobile, join in the exhilarating ride with husky dogs, make gingerbread cookies and why not BBQ sausages on open fire between activities?   Can be quite an expensive trip, but guaranteed to put a gleaming smile on anyones face – no moatter how old you are!   Winter and summer Lapland has something to offer you for a truly great holiday experience in this beautiful unspoilt land.

New York

Christmas is a great time to visit New York City. Whether you’re looking to experience the tree lighting, department store lights, holiday events, see a Broadway show, a romantic getaway, or a place to enjoy your Christmas dinner, you’ll find the resources for planning your Christmas in New York City here.  Although the weather gets colder and the days are shorter at the end of the year, there is perhaps no other time of the year to visit New York than around Christmas.   Popular attractions for visitors would be the Rockerfella tree, the Holiday Train Show,  Ice skating in Bryant Park, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the unimaginable Christmas Shopping experience and much, much more.  So pack for warmth, convert your dollars and for God’s sake, don’t leave you son Kevin at home…alone.